Message From the Managing Trustee

The coronavirus outbreak sparked a global crisis exerting unimaginable pressure on our health care systems. Right from the announcement of the Covid-19 pandemic in late 2019, India Health Action Trust had begun to strategise and support the state governments in preparing for a response to the pandemic.

Within a short period, Uttar Pradesh Technical Support Unit (UP TSU) supported the Government of Uttar Pradesh (GoUP) in establishing and activating L1 dedicated Covid-19 hospitals across the state, followed by organising trainings at various levels. The Frontline Workers were also equipped with information about the disease and its prevention and management instructions. An integrated Covid-19 digital platform was developed/set up to help GoUP track the lifecycle of persons suspected for Covid-19, from surveillance to testing to facility management. UP TSU also provided support in procuring and distributing Covid-19 related medical supplies. While responding to the urgencies that the pandemic brought, UP TSU also focused on the resumption of RMNCHA+, nutrition services across the state to reduce the impact of pandemic induced coverage and quality of service deficiencies.

The Karnataka and Delhi, Technical Support Units, supported the respective state governments/ State AIDS Control Societies in assuring the uninterrupted supply of HIV prevention, treatment and care services to the Key Population. Awareness and sensitisation sessions on Covid-19 were also incorporated as a part of regular program implementation.

Throughout the year, IHAT worked at the forefront in providing the necessary support to the government, from introducing initiatives to tackle the pandemic to streamlining a robust system as per changing scenarios and strengthening the response to the pandemic.

All this was possible because of the national and state governments with whom we work, the donors, our team at IHAT and the communities we serve. We are grateful to everyone for their unwavering support during the year. We also thank all the Covid-19 Warriors/Healthcare professionals across the globe who have risked their lives and gone beyond their duty lines to cater to the population’s healthcare needs.

Shajy Isac

Managing Trustee