IHAT works closely with national and state governments, and with vulnerable populations in India to reduce inequity in access and to improve the availability, quality and utilisation of public health services. IHAT’s approach is grounded on three key strategies: ‘Program Science’, ‘Embedded Technical Support’ and ‘Continuum of Comprehensive Care’. 

Program Science


Program Science is the “systematic application of theoretical and empirical scientific knowledge to improve the design,
implementation and evaluation of public health programs”.

  • Program science brings together program implementers, academicians, researchers, policy makers and community members in a continuous learning cycle of strategic planning, program implementation and monitoring and evaluation
  • It uses knowledge arising from program implementation to identify key research priorities and questions 
  • The learnings from these research/program implementation are continuously integrated to optimise program design, delivery and evaluation
  • It strives to understand and adopt the right strategies for the right populations at the right time, at the appropriate scale with resource efficiency to improve the health of populations 

Embedded technical support

partnering for development of sustainable and
scalable programs to achieve population level impact
  • We work in partnership with the governments to provide techno-managerial support to strengthen health services at the community, health facility and systems level
  1. Strategic Analysis and Planning: Support data driven program planning and implementation through strong monitoring & evaluation and adaptive programming
  2. Capacity Building: Support trainings and mentoring of government staff and community workers
  3. Advocacy: Driving change at policy level and mobilising communities
  • We engage through two models 
  1. Technical Support Unit: Providing intensive support to the government for specific programming not only in planning but also for implementation at scale
  2. Innovation Hub: Providing support to address local health challenges by identifying and adapting best practices and/or by developing learning programs for interventions and approaches

Continuum of care

A comprehensive community focused approach
  • A continuum of care that spans from health promotion, to prevention, to treatment and support
  • An integrated system of care that includes biomedical, social and structural interventions which addresses the community’s need 
  • We aim to improve availability, quality and utilisation of health services across the continuum of care