About the Program

The State Technical Support Unit TB (STSU – TB) in Uttar Pradesh was set up in 2022 to support the State’s management of private sector engagement, strategic purchasing, Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) and multi-sectoral collaboration in order to enhance TB prevention, detection and treatment outcomes.
STSU – TB works closely with the Central TB Division and National Technical Support Unit.

Uttar Pradesh in Numbers

The state has made great strides in its maternal and child health indicators. However, when it comes to national rates and goals, Uttar Pradesh, with a population of over 200 million still lags behind.

The Approach

To improve effective health coverage, IHAT aims to enhance availability, quality and utilisation of health services, across the continuum of care, for women and children. It builds on global best practices using program learnings to design innovative and comprehensive solutions to address critical barriers across the 3 main platforms – health facilities, communities and health systems. 



Sample Transportation System for Improving Access to Tuberculosis Diagnostic Testing

India contributes to more than a quarter of the TB burden globally. One in five persons notified with active TB comes from Uttar Pradesh (UP). Quality specimens are vital for the laboratory diagnosis of TB. It is more feasible to move samples rather than people for TB testing. Thus, a transportation system for TB testing to laboratories becomes crucial. This brief highlights the Volunteer Sample Transporter System that was piloted in UP, which has shown improvements in the number of samples transported.

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Catalysing Private Healthcare to Accelerate TB Notification in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh (UP) has witnessed an increasing trend in private sector contribution to Tuberculosis (TB) notifications. In March 2022 the TB STU started engaging with the government to strengthen the multi-sectoral sectoral engagement to improve the State’s TB Response. The brief highlights the key interventions adopted to accelerate TB Notifications from the private sector which helped in 80% achievement of the annualized target of private sector notification in 16 districts.

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Collaboration with Industries to End Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis (TB) is a preventable and treatable communicable disease. Yet, this is a leading cause of death. This brief highlights on how TB State Technical Support Unit (TB STSU) of IHAT intends to provide support the Government of Uttar Pradesh in TB prevention, detection and treatment outcomes.

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