The Uttar Pradesh Technical Support Unit (UPTSU) works towards supporting the activation and strengthening of the health facilities under the Government of Uttar Pradesh. Nurse mentoring strategy was chosen to strengthen primary care services throughout the health facilities, including providing support to address client, facility and provider concerns. UPTSU started working towards enhancing the competency (knowledge, skills, and practices) of providers (staff nurses and ANMs) through nurse mentoring and strengthening of labor rooms in 200 blocks of 25 HPDs in 2014-15 where facilities in 100 priority blocks had Nurse mentors that were on TSU payroll and the other 100 block facilities had NHM supported Nurse Mentors. This video talks about the significant role played by the Nurse Mentor in activating the PHC in Kareli Village (Block Kyara, District Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh). Through the Nurse Mentoring Program, the PHC became functional and the nearby population started visiting the centre for taking up the services.


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