HIV prevalence among FSWs, their clients, MSM and TG is approximately ten fold higher than in general population. As in most of India, HIV transmission occurs in localized sexual network of highly vulnerable populations including FSWs, their clients, MSM and TG. Children under 15 years account for 3.5 per cent of all infections among the 2.4 million people living with HIV in India


ihat-4Recognizing IHAT’s strong management and human resource capabilities the National AIDS control Organization identified IHAT as the technical consultant for setting up a Technical Support Unit (TSU) in Karnataka.

IHAT is effectively deploying its experience and learning to support the HIV/AIDS intervention program in Karnataka since 2007. The key objectives of the TSU are:

  • Providing Technical support to the State AIDS Prevention Society in areas like Targeted Intervention (TI), capacity building and strategic planning.
  • Support the development and implementation of HIV/AIDS strategies

The Karnataka TSU is recognised as one of the best in the country, has ensured a reduction in the number of pockets in the state with high HIV prevalence from 37 to 16. The Trust’s approach has resulted in 40 per cent of the interventions in the state being implemented in partnership with CBOs.

The TSU uses different advocacy initiatives to mainstream high risk groups and bridge populations. The TSU advocates and mobilises communities through engaging with SACS, DAPCUs, NGOs/CBOs and community to increase uptake of TI services and further build capacities of CBOs and DAPCUs. The TSU supports a multi-pronged planning process which includes the following

The TSU also act as Legal Service Centre for People with HIV/AIDS. So far, legal Service Centres in 46 government anti-retroviral therapy centres have been established. TSU has also taken initiatives to train advocates from the Karnataka State Legal Services Authority on HIV/AIDS and the rights of people with HIV.



IHAT established a Technical Support Unit in Delhi to support Delhi State AIDS Control Society (DSACS) to achieve high level of coverage and ensure quality of the HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care programmes. The Delhi TSU is funded by National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) and majorly works with Female Sex Workers, Men who have sex with Men, Transgenders, Injecting Drug Users, and Truckers & Migrants to prevent their risk and vulnerabilities to HIV/AIDS.

IHAT’s Delhi TSU helps DSACS achieve high quality of HIV   prevention,  treatment and care programmes.



Providing technical assistance to DSACS through revalidating FSW, MSM and IDU population, identify migrants in the state and conducting an OST feasibility assessment to scale OST centres.

Delhi TSU provides technical assistance at various levels-

The TSU specifically simplify reporting and consider devising a mobile application for reporting, tracking and analysis.