technical support


IHAT believes that strengthening the existing health system is the best way to achieve sustained health outcomes at scale. It has develthese gapsoped a “theory of change” to guide its support to government in improving these health outcomes and providing techno-managerial support lies at the core of this approach.

IHAT transfers skills and knowledge to partners through embedded techno-managerial support, including hands-on orientation to gap analysis and prioritization; developing standards, systems and processes; monitoring and evaluation; and problem solving.

ihat-6IHAT assesses partners’ systems by reviewing their programme processes, outputs and outcomes, and shares objective feedback and constructive critique.

IHAT’s specialists explain and demonstrate user- friendly solutions for technical challenges and impart innovative strategies and principles of programme design, implementation, and evaluation. Technical support is, thus, an advisory role and does not include direct involvement in programme implementation or execution.

Technical Managerial Support focuses on Identifying and prioritizing gaps in existing systems and practices, followed by providing hands-on support to health facility staff and frontline workers to resolve these gaps.