knowledge translation

One of the key visions of IHAT has been to translate the knowledge it has acquired through its various projects and community work to different stakeholders like the government, programme implementers of the HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programme, NGOs, CBOs, international agencies and legislators with a long term goal of controlling the epidemic in the country and globally.

It has employed various platforms of dissemination including organising and taking a lead to guide it learning visits from interested parties to its programmes and best practices; it has domain expertise in extending technical assistance to state programmes and in other countries with a larger goal of facilitating replication of the best practices and successful scaling up of HIV prevention efforts in India.

IHAT has successfully strengthened programmes, enhance the capacities of policy makers and implementers and the learning sites which were utilised to showcase the best practices. In the process, the different communities associated with IHATs various projects have also developed into effective facilitating agencies. IHAT was a forerunner to use technology aided dissemination connecting most at risk populations (MARPs) in India to their counter parts in African countries, the context being sharing programme strengths, identifying bottlenecks and offering solutions, via skype and video conferencing.