Conditional Cash Transfer

IHAT implemented the project ‘Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) in PPTCT management, from 2013 to 2015, in two districts of Rajasthan, in association with IMPACT, New Delhi. The project was funded by ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action for Children Fund (PACF), United Kingdom.

Taking PPTCT services to pregnant women at the right juncture remains a major challenge in developing countries such as India. In the absence of preventive measures, about a third of children born to HIV positive mothers will become infected. According to the World Health Organisation, without effective treatment, over half the number of babies with HIV die before their second birthday.

IHAT’s three-year programme in association with IMPACT contributes to Countdown to Zero, the UN Global Plan to keep mothers alive and stop new HIV infections among children.

Scale and Coverage



In line with the India’s National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) agenda, this project aimed for PPTCT and RMNCH integration by developing capacities of existing human resources at the district, sub-district and village levels. Through this, the project intends to better implement the PPTCT programme by enhancing the outreach to the target population and providing quality services.

The project tests newer methodologies (including conditional cash transfer (CCT) and decentralised PPTCT service delivery integrated with the reproductive, maternal, neonatal and child health) to improve access to services by pregnant women for HIV testing, prophylaxis treatment to HIV mothers’ babies including early infant diagnosis and service linkages till 18 months of age. The project develops the capacities of public health workers to enhance outreach and service linkages while advocating for quality services.


The programme interventions impacted the community by increasing government and community support to HIV positive pregnant women, and improving the survival rate of HIV positive women and their babies.