Never win, if never begin

UPTSU team constant efforts helped in reviving the family planning camps at the district, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh.


Firozabad is a highly populated, low performing district in the state of Uttar Pradesh with the TFR of 3.6. The unmet need of the district is marginally high which is about 15.3 & mCPR of 32.3. Firozabad, is one of the focus districts under the Mission Parivar Vikas, a flagship family planning program of GoI that aims to accelerate access to high-quality family planning choices based on information, reliable services and supplies within a rights-based framework.

UPTSU team conducted a situational analysis of the district in Jan 2018 and observed that there are huge gaps in the family planning camps. According to the information available, about 22 service providers were trained to provide services in the district but only 5 were available and providing services in the camps. Mostly, there are no cases undertaken in the camps as there was nothing being done to address the issue of non-availability of service providers.

Upon deliberating, the team found out that the service providers did not have any empanelment certificate with them which is a mandatory document to qualify them to provide any services in the camps. The issue was raised and discussed with the DPM, but he shared that they did not provide the empanelment certificate and do not have a prototype of the same.

The UPTSU team decided to take a quick action on it and arranged the prototype of the certificate that was shared with the CMO & DPM of Firozabad and requested to issue the empanelment certificates. After several follow-ups, the empanelment certificate was provided to seven service providers during DHS meeting on 13th Feb'18.

The team continuously made efforts to meet and discuss with the CMO & DPM regarding the distribution of empanelment certificates to service providers and as a result, the CMO ordered DPM to provide the certificate. Finally, a formal meeting was organized in May 2018 for all trained service providers at the CMO office to give them an overview of the situation of family planning services in the district followed by distribution of empanelment certificates to 20 trained service providers.

All the service providers assured to provide their services in the camps for the benefit of the community at the district.

The persistent and coordinated efforts of District Family Planning Specialist, UPTSU team resulted in reviving the family planning camps at the district, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh.