Prof. Shivalingappa S Halli

Shivalingappa S Halli is working as a Senior Professor at the University of Manitoba (UOM). Prior to this, he was working as a Professor at the UOM for last 29 years. He is also a founding member of the University’s HIV/AIDS prevention programme team in Karnataka wherein,  he was mainly responsible for mobilizing community, administrative, political and religious support through advocacy in establishing the HIV/AIDS programme especially in northern Karnataka. Through his community and political consultations, the idea of Corridor Project including funding for it emerged. He conducted operational/innovative research to generate ideas for new programme interventions in areas such as workplaces (both in informal and formal sectors), migration (of both clients and female sex workers), religious gatherings namely ‘jatras’, etc. He participated in capacity building activities for both monitoring and evaluation and programme staff for HIV/AIDS programme. He was a member of the Evaluation Advisory Group of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for HIV/AIDS programme in India.