Dr. B.M. Ramesh

B.M. Ramesh, is a social scientist and Assistant Professor, University of Manitoba, Canada is a demographer by training.  Dr B.M. Ramesh has 28 years of experience in teaching, research, programme implementation, monitoring and evaluation in the field of demography; maternal, newborn and child health; and HIV/AIDS. He has led the design of technical support strategies at the community, facility and health system levels; set up the TSU; recruited and trained TSU staff; mapped over 9,000 public health facilities in 25 high-priority districts; established a rapport with the Government of Uttar Pradesh; and coordinated with other BMGF grantees and development partners in the state. He has pioneered several tools and methods for evidence-based planning, such as geographical mapping of high-risk groups, management information systems for peer educators and programme managers, and polling booth surveys to measure programme outcomes. Dr Ramesh was one of the first coordinators of the National Family Health Survey (1992—93), one of the largest household surveys conducted in India. He holds a Ph.D in Demography from Bombay University, India.